The effective altruist

The effective altruist movement is mainly based in Oxford, Cambridge and St. Gallen and comes out of the student body.  From my own perspective it fits well with the arguments made by Peter Unger and Peter Singer.


Living High & Letting Die 

Our illusion of innocence

Peter Unger 

A small amount of money sent to charity like UNICEF will ensure that fewer poor children will die. Yet even when aware of this most people sent nothing. Peter Unger examines this all-too common example of letting die, generating a bold and controversial look at moral assessment.


From a psychological angle on can also connect it with Daniel Ariely's point, that we try to think good of ourselves and could make a "nugde" problem out of it, so people would spend a certain amount automatically. 

On the other hand a key issue is to become a multiplier and inspire others.  

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