Momentum investing and 3d printing

Never ask anyone for their opinion, forecast or recommendation. Just ask them what they have- or don't have in their portfolio. Nassim Taleb (2013)


There you go..3d printing is a great story at the moment. In line with Schiller’s recent Noble stories drive markets. Or as Soros said there is no better investment than an emerging bubble (in the case you can limit your downside somehow and I personally prefer value but sometimes I have to do momentum). A good way to profit from emerging technologies without hours of research and extremely high risks (still high risks) are specific ETFs or indices.

Here a 3d printing index certificate offered by UBS:


I bought it roughly 2 months ago and made over 30% return so far. Therefore, it should be obvious why this article exists. Still success in the long run depends on limited downside mechanisms for such a strategy (just look at our Tesla exit below). 


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