Democratization and the European Union

A question I have been discussing recently is where are we heading with the EU?


Even if you are pro EU and agree with the general vision we need more debate on how the EU should look like and work in detail. We are moving into a world of more bureaucracy with anonymous decision makers without “skin in the game”.  I believe, if you ask the majority of European citizens how the exact decision making in the EU works and how much their national political governments (for which they vote) are influenced by EU level (for which most of them do not bother to vote) they will have a wrong picture of it. Is this a democratic system? An interesting way forward could be a more federal system with a creditable government at EU level. This would go in line with strengthening the EU parliament and increasing the government’s responsibility for actions. Furthermore, a good lesson from the US is that you can let states go bankrupt in a federal system and you have to do so.



Here an organisation that promotes European federalism:



Finally, does it even make sense to promote the potentially best solution which is by itself a prisoner’s dilemma to implement?


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    Fabian (Sunday, 29 December 2013 17:21)

    Interesting article from Prof. Sinn arguing in the same direction.

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