Limits to Growth, the 30 Year Update

The necessity of talking the industrial world to its next stage of evolution is not a disaster – it is an amazing opportunity. How to seize the opportunity, how to bring into a world that is not only sustainable, functional, and equitable but also deeply desirable is a question of leadership and ethics and vision, courage, properties not computer models. To speak of them we – the authors – need a chapter break here. We need to turn off our computers, put away our data and scenarios and reappear in chapter 8, where we will conclude with insights that have come as much from our hearts and our intuition as the have come from our scientific analysis…."


"It’s time to do some truth-telling on this issue. The world’s leaders do not know any better than anyone else how to bring about a sustainable society; most of them don’t even know it’s necessary to do so. A sustainability revolution requires each person to act as learning leader at some level, from family to community to nation to world. And it requires each of us to support leaders by allowing them to admit uncertainty, conduct honest experiments, and acknowledge mistakes. No one can be free to learn without patience and forgiveness. Finding the right balance between the apparent opposite urgency and patience, accountability, and forgiveness is a task that requires compassion, humility and, clearheadedness, honesty and that hardest of words, that seemingly scarcest of all resources-love."


“Not everything bears repetition, but truth does – especially when that truth is both denied by entrenched interests and verified by new information”

Herman E. Daly, former World Bank senior economist and Professor. School of Public Affairs University of Maryland.


Good video summarizing conclusions:

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Pervoskites and Solar


Oxford Photovoltaics has the potential to revolutionize the whole industry

Oxford Photovoltaics is an Oxford University spin-out company that is developing a low cost, sustainable transparent solar cell coating that can be printed on building glass. Less toxic than traditional solar cells, it can be used on the glass facades of commercial buildings to convert sunlight to electricity. 


Here a few links with more information on the technology and a video from the founder:

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Pay wars the future of mobile payments

Below a cool video from DB research on mobile payments.

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Tado the new German "cloud" NEST version

Interesting pitch presenting Tado a cloud based intelligent thermostat working with regional weather forecasts and various other functions. 

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